2021 Colorado

Rye, CO was a welcomed stay for rest and a few adventures which included a visit to Bishop’s Castle built by one man. He was there the day we visited. He said his late wife designed it and he built it. It’s pretty fascinating, so take a few minutes and check out the website at https://www.bishopcastle.org/  .

Us at Bishop Castle

While staying in Rye, we visited Old Colorado City. This is another historic town that we’ve visited before but came back to explore some more and take our angel pics!

We also went to Canon City which was another historic town that we checked out. Going to Canon City was a 1.5 or 2 hour trip. I mention this because we loved the place so much, we made the trip 3 times in just a few days. Two of the trips we took the long 2 hour route to avoid traffic.

On our way to Royal Gorge, we rode past the Skyline Line drive. Of course, Jeff had to go back and take a ride on it. To me it was scarier than the pictures look. We went to the Royal Gorge but didn’t walk across the bridge (THERE WERE TO MANY PEOPLE THE DAY WE GOT THERE FOR JEFF) instead we decided to take the train ride on another day.  

shyline drive
Skyline drive 2

On our second trip to Canon City, we took a ride on the Royal Gorge Train. That was a much better way to check out Royal Gorge especially for the old man.

After the train ride while heading back to Rye, we thought it was a good idea to check out white water rafting. We made a reservation for the next day. So on our third trip to Canon City, we did a white-water rafting down the Arkansas River. The last time we went white water rafting was in 2000 in Smokey Mountain National Park with two of our kids Jennifer and Brian. We were happy to discover we still had it in us to do crazy fun things like this!