2021 Glacier National Park

We stayed at St Mary, MT which is just outside the east gate to Glacier National Park. Along the main road to the park, we came across a display by the Blackfoot Indian Tribe.

The view and sunsets in this park were spectacular. The Going to the Sun road is amazing and a must do.  We rode it from east to west and west to east with each direction having a different experience. The ride from east to west was not as nerve wracking for me because I was on the inside of the road next to the rocky wall. But I was such a chicken riding this road from west to east. The wall on the outside, if there is one, is only a few feet high if that, and while logically I knew the car wasn’t going to jump the wall I was in a panic. The view is gorgeous and I was able to enjoy it when we stopped at one of the pull-offs.

To give me time to chill after the ride, we strolled through the rustic Glacier Bay Lodge and relaxed on the banks of Lake McDonald. While exploring this stunning park you feel the peace and serenity it has to offer.

The night before we left we had 80 mile an hour winds. In Florida, we call that a hurricane! We pulled our slides in on the motor home, and rode it out without any incidents. The next day as we were leaving, the winds and gusts were still very high but we made it down the road all in one piece.

This park is a favorite of ours, and we plan to return.