2021 Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole

Victor, ID was the next town we stayed. It was the only campground that had a spot for us and it was close enough to the Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone and Jackson Hole, WY.  If we had made our plans earlier in the year, it probably would have been possible to get a place closer than Victor which was one of the many lessons we learned. While there the smoke from California wildfires obstructed our view of the parks, but we had a couple of days where it was clear enough to see the views. 

Idaho smokey sky

On one of our days we enjoyed a bike ride in the Grand Teton National Park to Jennie Lake visitor center where we started our hike around Jennie Lake. We tried to make it around Jennie Lake to finish our hike, but my knee started giving me trouble. We hiked out and back for a total of 7 miles. We didn’t realize until later that we were about halfway out. I probably should’ve just sucked it up and finished! At least that’s what I used to tell my kids, “suck it up buttercup and get it done.” Well there’s always next time.

Another day we spent time meandering around the Jackson Hole shopping area. The town square is pretty cool. At each corner there’s an arch made of elk antlers leading into the town square park.

Jackson Hole

We finally had another clear day, so we quickly went to Mormon Row to get “our iconic” pictures of the two barns located there. The one with the triangle roof is the T.A. Moulton Barn, and the one with 4-sided roof is the John Moulton Barn. This was a must do on Jeff’s bucket list.