2021 Little Big Horn Battlefield

On our way to Devils Tower we came across the Little Big Horn Battlefield.  Jeff made a quick U-turn and headed for the gate.  He decided he would drive our “BIG” motorhome through the self-guided driving tour which had more people looking at us as we drove through rather than at the battlefield. Jeff said it was, “EPIC.”

The Indian grave markers on the fields are colored red with person’s name and tribe (unfortunately we didn’t capture a picture of any red markers). The soldier grave markers are white with the person’s name and military rank. We would have liked to have spent a little more time there, but there was no place to park the motorhome with a car in tow.

So we did like the tour busses and just drove through. It was a little sketchy at times.  It’s a good thing Jeff can drive this thing like a pro!