2021 Steamboat Springs and Dinosaurs

With the race over, Brian, Bret and the kids headed home. We headed north to Yampa River State Park in CO which is one of those places that just getting there is an adventure! During our ride we rode through several mountain passes and many switch backs that at times were a little unnerving in a 38 ft motorhome when there are no shoulders or guardrails, and high winds are blowing you all over the place.

Yampa River State Park had really dark skies at night which was perfect for taking a few pictures of the Milky Way! Jeff has tried for years to get this picture, but there is usually too much artificial light in the area or a full moon!

Milky Way

While here we spent a day at Steamboat Springs. We were so busy visiting the stores and having lunch that we only took a picture of the restaurant call Old Town Pub. This historic building was built in 1904 and was the Albany Hotel. We could tell this was a place to be on the weekends.

Steamboat Springs

Another day we took a ride to the Dinosaur National Monument in Utah where we saw and were able to touch dinosaur fossils in the Quarry Visitor Center. We also drove out into the park where we found pictographs that were left behind by Fremont people who once lived in Cub Creek.  Further exploration that day into the remote canyons led us to a cabin built by Josie Morris where she lived for 50 years until she died at the age of 90.