Even though we were a good distance from Yellowstone staying in Victor ID, we made the trip to see the geysers. There is so much driving and hiking to be done in this area. We visited the highlights and marveled at Old Faithful, the majestic Old Faithful Inn and walked along the Geyser Hill Loop Trail boardwalk behind the lodge to see the many hot geysers. We also took a hike up a trail to watch Old Faithful erupt from above.

We found a waterfall on our way to the Grand Prismatic Spring. Instead of taking the boardwalk to walk up to it, we decided to hike the trail to observe it from above in the observation area. It was such a stunning site!

In the 7 days that we were there we saw 1 buffalo and 1 bear from a distance with the use of binoculars! We have heard that there are so many animals to be seen at these parks but apparently not for us on this trip. We definitely have to return to this area especially Yellowstone.  There was so much to see, but once again we ran out of time.  We plan to return to venture out to other areas of the park that we didn’t get to see. Also, we’re determined to see wildlife! IWANT TO SEE A LIVE MOOSE IN THE WILD! But all we got to see was a statue of one at the visitor center in the Grand Tetons!