2022 The First 7 Months

The year 2022 started out with us having covid that started a few days before Christmas 2021. Jeff was able to recuperate enough after about a week and a half which was enough to still function.  I on the other hand after a little more than two weeks finally gave in on January 5 and let Jeff take me to the emergency room. My oxygen level was 82, so they admitted me right away. They treated me with several different medications. I don’t know what they were, and at the time didn’t care as long as I got better. They also gave me 2 doses of remdesivir which is a medication used to treat covid. Thank goodness I live in Florida and was able to get the medication! After 48 hours I was walking out of the hospital feeling so much better just really weak.  It took several weeks to fully recuperate, but we were finally able to celebrate Christmas with 2 of our 3 kids and their families two weeks later.

Jan 2022 family pic

We decided to stay in Florida for awhile to visit with friends and our kids and grandkids, celebrate a late Christmas, birthdays, Easter, chill on the beach and for various other reasons. For several months we stayed at different locations. It just seemed like we weren’t supposed to travel, but we didn’t know why. 

March 2022

Then on July 23 Jeff had a major heart attack. Since we knew the area we were staying, I drove him instead of calling for an ambulance. I asked which hospital he wanted to go to because a hospital 40 minutes away has a large cardio facility.  He said the closest one, so I knew it was serious, and I had to get him there. We got there in 10 min.  As I pulled up a nurse was in the vestibule with a wheelchair. She was like an angel who knew we were coming even though we hadn’t called ahead. There are a lot more details to that afternoon which was only a few hours long, but long story short is that he had a heart attack due to plaque in his widow-maker artery. The doctor said he got there just in time; 2 more minutes and he would have been gone. This was a time we listened to our instincts in several ways, and it paid off. He now has several stents but is just about as good as new now and doesn’t let this bump in the road stop him.

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    🙁 this one made me cry! So happy he is still with us.

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