2023 Bullhead City Arizona

With RV life plans can change quickly. While at Yuma, we thought why not change our plans. So off we went to Bullhead City AZ.

As we drove through different parts of Arizona, we saw signs warning of washes. Jeff had experienced these years ago when he visited his grandfather in Tucson. I couldn’t even imagine until one afternoon it started to rain. We were in the motorhome, and I thought I heard someone playing drums. I looked out the front window and saw water rushing down the wash in the middle of the RV park. The sound we were hearing was the water pushing the huge rocks down the wash! All I can say is it was an amazing experience. I had no idea how strong water rushing in a wash could be until I stood just feet away from this wash watching huge rocks being tossed down the wash like they were pebbles.

Jeff always talked about taking me to Hoover Dam. While this wasn’t in my “oh yea I have to see this” list, we went. I was so glad we did! It’s truly an amazing sight. I was even able to find and get a picture of the actual benchmark! After visiting the dam, we walked along the Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. It is very cool, but it’s a little unnerving! Since we were already in Nevada and close to Lake Mead we ventured out to check it out. We finished the day with an early dinner in Boulder City, NV.

Since we were only 100 miles away from Las Vegas we decided to go. What an amazing city! There were no shows we wanted to see, but there was so much to see it didn’t matter. We walked the strip from MGM to Cesars and along the way we stopped to watch the fountain show at the Bellagio, ate lunch at one of the casinos, drinks at another and had dinner at Caesars Palace. There’s still a lot more to see and someday we’ll go back.

Another day trip took us to Kingman on Route 66 where we drove a part of Route 66 to see other sites like Cool Springs Gas Station and other oddities like the big green head named Giganticus Headicus.

I think one of my favorite off the beaten track towns was Oatman with its history and adorable donkeys. The town was named after Olive Oatman (www.arizonahighways.com/classroom/olive-oatman). Get there early because it’s a popular place for tourists.  Oatman has its own post office that has a special post mark for mail being sent from the town.  So, we bought postcards for our grandkids, wrote them out and mailed them out with the special post mark.