2023 Estes Park and Rocky Mountains

After getting everyone to the airport to head back to Florida, we went to Estes Park which is just outside the gate to Rocky Mountain National Park. I just love this town. Unfortunately, on this trip we didn’t get any pictures of the town. The first time we were there was October 2006, and we stayed in the Stanley Hotel. Stephen King wrote The Shining while staying in this hotel years ago. It’s supposed to be haunted, and by some of our experiences while staying there we believe it! During that trip there were elk everywhere! On this trip, we saw only 1 elk.

We were staying just outside the gate to the park and was able to get a pass to the Bear Lake section of the park. While there we hiked to Alberta Falls and around Bear Lake. After our hikes we took a ride around to take in the views of this beautiful park.

On another day, we took a ride on the Old Fall River Road which is a dirt road. It's the old road to the top. We stopped to take a few pics at Chasm Falls before making our way to the end. The road ends at the visitor center the highest point you can drive to in the park. We got there early enough to get a parking spot and check it out.