2024 Where to this Year?

The feature picture above shows our current 15,209-mile 2024 travel plan. The red roads in Canada indicate a route warning that the road may not be safe to travel. As we get closer, we’ll check to make sure we’ll be able to continue safely. But if you know anything at all about us those red lines are not going to stop us from getting to Alaska.

As of this post, we have 7 more states (Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Michigan, North Dakota, Minnesota and Hawaii) to visit in order to claim that we have visited all 50 states together. February 8th was the date we started out on our 2024 trip with Alaska as our furthest planned destination. After Alaska, the current plan is to go to North Dakota and Minnesota on our way to other planned locations that will eventually end back in Florida for the holidays with family and friends.

We left out of Wildwood, Florida headed to Sonora, Texas which was our first destination to explore. We didn’t drive straight through like we would have in our younger years. Now we try to limit our travel days to only 4-6 hours, so we stopped at several locations along the way to Sonora, Texas as we made our way to see the Sonora Caverns. The caverns are privately owned and was opened to the public in 1960. It’s a halfway point from San Antonio to Big Bend National Park, so if you’re ever headed that way, we recommend you check it out.

  • Joan says:

    You still have a long way to go. Beautiful pictures. See you in Townsend!

  • Tracy Pyke says:

    Sonora caverns are phenomenal! Looks like ya’ll have some great places to visit! Ya’ll definitely are in for a treat. Jelly, ya’ll are going to Alaska 🤣 Enjoy and stay safe my friend 🧡

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