2024 Zion National Park

While traveling through Arizona and into Utah, we have seen a lot of deserts. I keep finding myself singing the song “A horse with no name”. Now I understand that song completely!

As we were limited with time on this trip to explore northern Arizona and southern Utah, we decided to only visit Zion National Park, Monument Valley and Arches National Park. We have so many other places yet to visit in this part of the country, for example, Grand Canyon North Rim and Antelope Canyon, we’ll have to plan another trip. We have found that as we travel, we add more to our bucket list than we check off. That seems to be a good problem though.

I have broken down these 3 places (Zion, Monument Valley and Arches) into individual blogs because the writeup and number of pictures I wanted to include made the blog too long.

The ride into Zion National Park shows a sneak peak of what's yet to come.

Once inside the park, the towering sandstone cliffs that were tucked behind the park gate were suddenly revealed. With each turn of the road, we were in awe.

The road through the park eventually took us to the Carmel Tunnel where more natural wonders met us on the other side.

Outside the park we took an off-road ride to the Zion National Park Kolob Terrace. The terrain changed quickly to flat land and cow pastures. On the way back down, we took a turn to the reservoir where we found it still frozen. The area was beautiful and quiet, but I’m sure in the summer it’s a busy place.

There was snow already on the mountain across from our campground when we arrived. After a day of snowfall, this was our view.