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Making decisions can be hard — even three-year-olds have trouble when faced with the many flavors at their local Ben and Jerry’s. As we get older the decision-making process might get easier for some things, but other choices seem harder than ever.

When faced with making the right choice, you want to feel like you are making the best choice for you. Here are ten ways to help you see you are making the right decision.

  • 1 Pick the choice that lets you remain true to yourself. For example, let’s say you are considering a new career. Some of your options are to teach others the same values you have through writing, coaching people and speaking engagements that involve subjects that you don’t find right, or working with a team of employees who use questionable tactics. You are an introvert and prefer working by yourself. You get hives speaking in front of others, so coaching isn’t true to your nature -nor is working with a team that uses underhand techniques.
  • 2 Ask yourself if it’s a commendable choice. Is there anything about the choice you're making that would make you proud? That would make your loved ones proud of you? On the other hand, does it feel like you need to keep the choice private or that has fear or shame attached to it? If so, it’s probably not the right choice. The choice that makes you feel proud and want to shout it from the rooftops is the right one.
  • 3 Is it a just choice? Is it sending a message of fairness? Or does it involve stepping on others to get what you want? Does that feel good to you? Is it something you can live with?
  • 4 Is this choice going to add value to your life in some way? Will you live better, be closer to your true calling, or add some other value to your life?
  • 5 Is the choice one of settling? Are you going for “good enough” or “it’ll do for now?” Maybe it’s not the right time to choose one of the options if it means you are settling.
  • 6 ​Does this choice let you look yourself in the mirror easily? Can you live with yourself and your actions? Are you content and happy with what you’ve chosen? Or are you ashamed and embarrassed?
  • 7 A good decision leaves you with a feeling of peace. Poor decisions can cause you to suffer from physical stress symptoms such as sick stomach, headache or chest pains. Good decisions lead to a relaxed body and mind.
  • 8 Do you lie awake worrying about your decision? You know you’ve made a good decision when you can get a good night’s sleep. Bad choices eat away at you, keeping you up at night, making it difficult to be at peace.
  • 9 Trust your body’s gut reaction. Are you tense and worried? Or are you relaxed and excited? Does your intuition tell you it’s the right decision?
  • 10 You no longer second-guess yourself when you make the right choice. You don’t have regrets and stop looking at the past. You are ready to begin working on the project or activity. A bad choice means you are keeping your options open, you keep straying to the “what-ifs,” and you continue to ask for other people’s opinions, seeking reinforcement about your decision.

You know you’ve made the right choice when your body is relaxed, you sleep easily at night and you are ready to get started working on the choice. Listening to your body’s reaction and going with your instincts is a sign you are making the right choices.

Now that you know how to decide and know when you’ve made the right choice, it’s time to put it into action. List your options and the benefits each one has for you as well as any negative effects. Spend time thinking about each one and exploring how each outcome would feel to you. Does it make you happy? Are you comfortable with the outcome? Or are you ashamed and embarrassed to share it with others?

Making the right decisions for you depends on your values, and how the decision will affect your life and those around you.

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Making decisions can be hard — even three-year-olds have trouble when faced with the many flavors at their local Ben and Jerry’s.