Alaska Bound – Part 2

May 19 2024 to May 22, 2024

On the next part of our adventure, we exited highway 16 and continued our journey on the Cassiar Highway. As we ventured along, we decided to take a side trip to Stewart where we came across a grizzly bear. This was our second bear sighting on this trip so far. We were so excited that we were seeing another bear in just a few days since seeing our first one of the trip earlier in the week. Along the road to Stewart, we stopped to take pictures at Bear Glacier.

We decided to stay in Stewart for the night. We took a quick ride over the border to the town of Hyder, Alaska. Both towns are very small, and their seasons hadn’t quite started yet. We found out that later in the season when the salmon are running, the bears can be seen waiting for the fish and catching them like the pictures we’ve seen so many times. We weren't able to witness this, but we did take in some beautiful views.

The next day we ventured back to the Cassiar Highway and drove north toward Dease Lake. We didn’t have any reservations just like the past several days. When it was time to call it a day from our travels, we stopped at one campground, but there were no vacancies. So back on the road to continue looking. But instead of our continued search for a campground, we found a pullout on the side of the road. This was going to be our campsite for the night. As we were preparing the motorhome for the stop for the night, it started to snow. It wasn’t long before the snow started coming down pretty hard. It was absolutely beautiful! This campsite was perfect! The next morning, we figured it to be 3 to 4 inches of snow! We couldn’t have timed our stop any better!

We hit the road to continue onward up the Cassiar past Dease Lake and up to the Alaska Highway - the almighty Alcan. On our way, we stopped at Jade City. Huge jade boulders were out front on display. 

We took a short detour east to go to Watson Lake Yukon. The reason for this was to go to the Sign Post Forest! The first sign was put up by a soldier in 1942 to show how many miles to his hometown in Danville, Illinois. This soon became a tradition for people passing through. People from all over the world have stopped here on their journey to place their own personal sign. It’s estimated that there’s now over 100,000 signs, and it continues to grow! Yes we added our old motorhome tag to the collection!

  • Lynda S says:

    Enjoyed your post. Yes that was a perfect overnight stop and free too! Loved the big jade boulders and the Sign Post Forrest.

  • Tracy Pyke says:

    I’m so happy for ya’ll! Living the dream and allowing us to share in your adventures are just the best! Thank you my friends 🧡 Remain safe and go explore more to share!

  • Kathryn Hansen says:

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing! Bringing back great memories of our trip last year!
    I didn’t post much as internet was to slow:)

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