Alaska Bound – Part 3

May 22, 2024 to May 27, 2024

Skagway Alaska… we love this town. We visited here twice before while cruising on NCL ships. I had no idea we could drive here until our last visit in 2012 when Jeff said the next time we visit we’ll be driving! The campground was in the perfect location between the port and the town which made it only a short walk to the downtown area.

We stopped at Carcross Yukon on our way back to the Alaska Highway. It’s a pretty cool place. I imagine when the season is in full swing, it gets crowded. But the day we were there was perfect!

Whitehorse Yukon where the sun sets 11:00pm and rises 4:53am. I haven’t mentioned the sunsets and sunrises from the past couple of weeks, but I’ll just say it’s hard to wrap our heads around it all.

On our way to Discovery Yukon campground between Destruction Bay and Beaver Creek, we saw our first caribou in the wild. We also came across a bear that decided to walk right up to the side of the motorhome! This is a sign that it’s being fed by passerby’s. We pulled away before he decided to stand on his hind legs to look in the window! These were exciting moments!

We were told that bear occasionally stroll through the campground we are in, but we haven’t seen any yet. Here’s a view from our campsite.

  • Lynda S. says:

    I was wondering about your sunsets and sunrises. Hope you have good eye covers. Great pictures of the cool towns and scenery. Keep’em coming.

  • Mark Dwyer says:

    I want to see some gold nuggets!

  • James Michael Dovin says:

    Awesome pictures and experiences you’re having.

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