All Things Are Possible

“Pain is temporary – however if I quit it will last forever.” – Ray Lewis

The First Step

There are times when life knocks you down and you feel like you have no strength left to get up. Those are the times that define who you are. It’s when your inner voice tells you “it’s possible, just take the first step.” All things are possible but you have to be willing to take the step. That first step is the most important – it’s when you have to have faith, courage and confidence in yourself. It doesn't matter what others think or believe – it has everything to do with what you believe.


Greatness Within

There is greatness within you. Everyone has it but not everyone believes it. Do you listen to your inner voice when it tells you “this is what I believe and I am willing to do anything for it”? We are all made to shine, not just some, but all of us. The issue is not everyone believes they can shine as bright as others or shine at all. If you don’t believe in yourself who will?

Untapped Potential

Do you want more from life? Or is being average okay with you? If you had one shot at what you really wanted would you take it or let it slip away fearing the possibility you might fail instead of succeed. The question becomes how bad do you really want your one shot; bad enough to do whatever it takes to achieve it. If not and you decide not to take that one shot have you considered what you will do with the rest of your life? Of course you can just survive and get by. The first step when taking that one shot is to understand and believe that anything and everything is possible. We all were created to succeed.

The most important and most successful parts of your life may still be in front of you. There is untapped potential inside each of us. What you decide to do with this untapped potential is the difference between success, failure or just getting by. An individual’s potential for success is unlimited so long as they choose to succeed. You must be willing to look past the obstacles and have a larger view of the world.


Do you have the confidence knowing you can and will seize the opportunities ahead if you choose to? You and only you are the one that makes the decision on which path to take. Only you make the choice to not let others stand in your way. Believing in yourself and what is possible makes anything possible – you just need to believe in yourself and the possibilities.

Let go of the things that are holding you back and look past the obstacles. Most importantly, once you decide to succeed never give up. Dream big, succeed big. Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t you’re right.” If you want something bad enough then go after it and don’t stop until you get it. Things don’t always work out the way you would like but if you never try, how would you ever know the outcome? When you don’t give up, you don’t fail so never give up in your pursuit of success.