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2024 Canyonlands National Park

While still in Moab, Utah (May 2 to May 8, 2024), we did another off-road trail in a county park. The trail is called Fins and Things. It’s pretty famous in the Moab area for testing 4×4 skills for which it stood up to its reputation. Since we still had the afternoon after the ride, […]

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2024 Arches National Park

The last part of our adventure before heading north to Canada, was Moab, Utah. The first place we wanted to see was Arches National Park. Without a timed entry pass, people can enter the park before 7:00am. So, we got there by 5:45am. The view was stunning with the sun rising behind the landscape. On […]

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2024 Zion National Park

While traveling through Arizona and into Utah, we have seen a lot of deserts. I keep finding myself singing the song “A horse with no name”. Now I understand that song completely! As we were limited with time on this trip to explore northern Arizona and southern Utah, we decided to only visit Zion National Park, […]

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2024 Grand Canyon to Skywalk to Vegas

We headed to Williams AZ, so we could visit the Grand Canyon South Rim once again.  The last time we were at the Grand Canyon was in 1988 after a visit with Jeff’s grandfather in Tucson. We took this trip with 3 kids (Jeffrey 10, Jennifer 5 and Brian 5 months old) in tow. During […]

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2024 Cottonwood AZ

While in Cottonwood Arizona for three weeks, we didn’t do as much as we had planned. We wanted to go hiking and off-roading, but due to bad weather and both of us coming down with a bad cold those activities will have to wait until another time. So not much here got checked off of […]

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2024 Another Winter Visit to Tucson

At the beginning of our stay in Tucson, we thought we were lucky enough to have a new moon and would be able to see the magnitude of stars that we don’t get to see with all of the artificial light that brightens the night sky. Our thought was to go up to the other […]

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2024 Prada Marfa and Gila Bend

As we were leaving Big Bend to continue west on highway 67, we came across a TARS (Tethered Aerostat Radar System) site and was able to get a picture of the unmanned blimp that’s used to monitor the US border with Mexico. Once we got to the town of Marfa, we turned on highway 90 […]

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2024 Big Bend National Park… Again

Now that Jeff has his Jeep, our next stop was back to Big Bend National Park. Shortly after entering the park, we came across a coyote. We stayed in the park at the Rio Grande Village, as we did in 2023. It’s only a parking lot, but that’s ok because it has full hookups. Wild […]

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2024 Where to this Year?

The feature picture above shows our current 15,209-mile 2024 travel plan. The red roads in Canada indicate a route warning that the road may not be safe to travel. As we get closer, we’ll check to make sure we’ll be able to continue safely. But if you know anything at all about us those red […]

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