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Let us know how you thought differently today.

How did you think differently today?

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Great Show Jeff, as always. I made a couple changes to your host site on TNR. The Blog link still work 4.0, so does the Jeff Heiser Radio link. I also added an "I think Differently link", Which is a duplicate to JeffreyHeiser.com, but at least branded to what shows up when a listener clicks through. The way I can help is through the other integration I've added. When I add the show to the TNR Archive it will go to TalkNetRadio and Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, SoundCloud, iTunes (of course), YouTube, Stitcher and RadioLine (in France). You can go to Twitter and Facebook and re-post those to your tribe, I'll get our tribe to do the same. God Bless all that you do, V/R Chuck

Chuck Christie

Congratulations Jeff, welcome back! Just finished listening to your new show I Think Differently. It was really great to hear you again. As always it was incredibly thought provoking. Two things came to mind while I was listening. One, I'm a lifetime card-carrying member of Alfred E Neuman Mad Magazine "What me worry?" The second thought was the story of The Three Little Pigs. Your Five Points were very very good but it leads to much deeper conversation. Worry is not good but contemplation, meditation and prayer is the direction that we should all go instead of worry. When we can get out of ourselves with no worry and thank God for all that we have we don't ever need to worry. Being a talk show host you really do stimulate thinking and I look for to your next episode. The layoff that you took obviously did you great good. You came back strong and your voice is calm and soothing. It's really wonderful to have you back! Your friend and fellow warrior, Steve

Steve Coplon

I changed things up by taking a different way to my leads club meeting and also on the way back home.

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