connecTEN December 2017 Issue 12

connecTEN ezine, the unique and exciting online magazine you will find easy to connect with. 

Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year we all wait for. Readers find many great stories on business, cooking, self improvement and amazing photo essays in every issue of connecTEN. Enjoy this month's photo essay of the World's Toughest Mudder obstacle race ran in November held in Las Vegas Nevada. 


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A warm fireplace brings back wonderful memories of the Christmas season. Christmas carols being sung also bring back many warm memories of the holiday season. Trying to understand why Christmas carols are no longer allowed to be played at many public schools is hard to comprehend. Christmas carols remind me of the need for love and generosity.  

Why connecTEN?

connecTEN is not the same old rerun.  connecTEN is a new type of ezine created to specifically to connect people with people. So, through its many stories covering everything from the arts to self improvement many connections are made.  

Take a few minutes to explore this latest issue.  Readers agree that connecTEN may seem like other online publications.  But, connecTEN is a uniquely different type of online publication that is worth reading.  People connect with people through connecTEN creating noteworthy changes in their lives. Readers will find many new ideas for business, cooking, travel and self improvement all in one place. Readers will find photo essays that are simply stunning. Fans admit connecTEN is right up there with the best and certainly not the same as the rest. Most of all everyone agrees, connecTEN is the best because it is free.

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