Living Your Life On Purpose Will Make All The Difference

Have you ever experienced a moment in your life when you just felt everything was right, everything was connected where it seemed like you were made to do whatever it was that you were doing at that moment?  Many of the people I have spoken with describe this feeling as a feeling of being alive, being the real deal or being able to clearly know in their mind that this was what they were meant to do.  Many describe it as being totally absorbed where time just seems to disappear.  The thing is, so many people don’t stick with that feeling.  They only have fleeting moments or periods in their life where they experience that feeling only briefly, not able to recognize what that feeling represents.  That feeling is letting you know you are working in your purpose, what you were created for, what you were created to do in your life. 

When you connect with your purpose you find meaning in life.  You are able to turn lemons into lemonade.  You are better able to handle life’s ups and downs. Your mind is better able to guard against life challenges that tend to derail from your life dream. You are satisfied with life even in the most difficult of times.  Your priorities are very clear.

Having a purpose does a lot in helping you determine if you will be successful in life.  We are all on a life journey and by having a purpose we can select the destination our life will take us.  When we have a purpose, we know where we are headed. Without purpose we just bounce around in life letting others determine where we’ll end up.

I believe we were all born with a purpose defined deep inside of us.  That purpose is the thing we were born to do.  It all begins with a dream, a life dream so strong it cannot be denied.  If we pay attention to our life dream it will start us on our success journey.  The way we know it’s authentic is before we even start down the path we already know what we are willing to give up to achieve it.  Once you discover your purpose, your life changes forever. 

As a kid, I never gave it a second thought because purpose was given to me; either by my parents, teachers, coaches and others close to me.  You go to school, you make good grades, you hang out with your friends, you go to practice, you have fun and each day is pretty much repeated until you graduate.  After graduating from high school, that earlier purpose seems to vanish, and we are left on our own to find purpose to fill the hole that’s left when we graduated.  This is where most people have a problem.  They are unable to fill what is missing, that purpose, because others have done it for them their entire life.  Many fail to find purpose and continue living a life where purpose is handed to them or worst yet they just drift aimlessly through life.

When you become intentional about finding your purpose, life changes.  Once you find your it, you make it yours.  Once it’s yours you activate an inner drive that’s within you that could care less about the thoughts and opinions of people outside of yourself.  Approval from others is not needed. 

I can guarantee you this. Once you become intentional in your life you will find your passion.  When you do, you will experience an incredible feeling that words cannot describe.  This feeling will fill you, and you will know in that moment that you’ve found your purpose.  Your life will become a life that others only dream of.

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