Living with Less Means Living Well

"There are no victories at bargain prices." - Dwight D. Eisenhower

Living with Less Means Living Well

Living with less simply means that you only spend your money on things that are valuable to you. Think about what you’ve purchased in the past month. Did you need all of it? How much of what you purchased actually brought value to your life?Living with less doesn’t mean that you don’t have nice things in your life. It does mean that you have fewer nice things because you only buy items that you love and items that add value.


Living with Less Means Taking Care of What You Have

With so many disposable items in the world, it’s easy to take them for granted. For example, you can head to the store and buy a $200 couch. When that couch is stained it’s not a big deal to throw it away and buy a new one. Or you can buy a $2000 couch that you love, take great care of it, and have it around for the next ten to twenty years.

Living with Less Means Prioritizing Memories, Not Material Items

Would you rather have a new shirt every week for a year or a vacation? A 35-dollar shirt purchased each week adds up to 1820 dollars. That can be a nice vacation. When people look back on their lives, they remember the good times that they had, not the items that they owned. Living well with less means prioritizing those good times.Living well with less is about remembering what’s important to you. It’s about setting priorities for your life and then creating a lifestyle that supports those priorities.

reating a lifestyle that supports those priorities.