Sprinter Van and Prime Design Ladder

Sprinter Van Ladder on the Blue Line Vagabond

I installed a ladder on my 2009 Sprinter van. It is a Prime Design Sprinter High Roof Rear Door Access Ladder. So far this is proving to be an excellent addition to the Blue Line Vagabond. Using it, I can periodically check the solar panels that are on the roof. Being able to get up on the roof allows me to clean off the solar panels when needed, check the connections and adjust any of the fixtures on the roof.

I now have the ability to get on the roof for a better view of things in the distance that I want to photograph or video.  Getting on the roof for a better view when we travel to Alaska, will be great.  Also, with the ladder I have another place to attach the gear to.


Having a rear door van ladder is the easiest and safest way to access the roof of my van when it comes to maintenance, roof repairs, loading and unloading gear. Van roof ladders like the one from Prime Design are designed to keep you stable and secure, providing sure foot placement and added strength. Most van ladders have non-slip steps that prevent slipping, increasing your safety. 

The Prime Design ladder is ruggedly made out of aluminum and is easy to attach/install on the rear door. the best part is no holes needed to be drilled into the van or the van door. This means I can easily remove the ladder if I have to.

Watch the video!


Ladder Information

If you are interested in finding out more about this ladder or others:

Ladder - AAL-8003 made by Prime Design

Sold by: U.S. Upfitters, Inc.
2918 Ritchie Road
District Heights, MD 20747

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