Stop Complaining and Be Thankful

“When you rise in the morning, give thanks for the light, for your life, for your strength. Give thanks for your food and for the joy of living. If you see no reason to give thanks, the fault lies in yourself.” – Tecumseh

Different Strokes

When life has you down it is helpful to reflect on the many things you can be thankful for in your life. Each of us is thankful for different things and for different reasons. There are many different reasons life brings us down. Regardless, whether it’s that you cannot buy the new car you want or that you don’t know where your next meal is coming from there are reasons to be thankful. For many individuals, no doubt life has dealt them a lousy hand that dominates their life.


What we believe we experience in life is based on our perspective of life’s reality. If this is true, it is easy to see how we can change a bad situation that dominates one’s life with negativity to a life of fulfillment and possibilities. Rather than struggling with thoughts of never getting what you want, change your perspective to being thankful for the things life has already provided.

Negativity is a Thief

It’s very easy to let negative people influence your life and steal your energy. Negative people steal your energy and increase their power over you. When your energy is drained it becomes difficult to remain positive which is all the more reason to understand what you are truly thankful for. When you understand what you are thankful for the negative issues become insignificant. It is easy to lose sight of what we are thankful for when we put so much energy into being negative.

What Are You Thankful For

What are you thankful for seems like such a simple question. However, after speaking with many different people it seems not so much. On the surface the question is simple but for those I spoke with it is a difficult and complicated question to answer. Many people are caught in complaining rather than considering the good things life has provided them.

Spending time constantly rehashing past mistakes is time wasted – those mistakes are in the past but if allowed will drive negativity in the present. Certainly we can learn from past mistakes but that should be it. All of us experience events and circumstances in life that challenge us to our very soul. Our limits are constantly tested by the people in our lives, by those who teach us, by those who guide us, by those in our family, by adversity and by our health. What we do when our limit is reached makes the difference in how we live our lives – positively or negatively.

What I'm Thankful For

I am thankful for my family. My family is what keeps me centered and provides purpose in my life. My family has played a role in shaping me into who I am today. I have found that being with my family I don’t need much else.

I am thankful for my health which enables me to enjoy the many things life has to offer. With good health I am able to work and provide for my family. My good health enables me to enjoy life and my family in ways I cannot buy at any price.

Most importantly I am thankful for today and every day I wake up to a new day. Regardless of what has you down, you can always be thankful for your life, your family and your health.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am thankful for many blessings and I pray for those in need.
    I am thankful for my family and friends and I pray for those who are lonely.

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