It’s Time To Start Singing!

It is that wonderful time of the year again.  It is a joyous time for many, but have you noticed over the past several years how Christmas, the true meaning of Christmas, has come under attack?  A debate about religion has once again been forced to the forefront with this group and that group fighting over whether a simple “Nativity Scene” can be displayed in the public square. To me it seems like a fight that is such a waste of time, but it has now gotten worse.  The very use of the word Christmas has come under attack. Stores have stopped using the word in their sales ads, public schools are forbidden from using the word and politicians are shunned if they say Christmas instead of saying “the Winter Holidays.”  Even the public school marching bands and choirs can no longer play or sing Christmas music without repercussions from certain groups in the community. Whether you are a Christian or not, it is a fact that a man named Jesus Christ was born and lived on earth.  Christians celebrate his birthday just as many celebrate other important birthdays.


To many people a warm fire in the fireplace brings back wonderful memories of the Christmas season. To others it’s hearing a Christmas Carol being sung.  It is hard for me to understand why Christmas Carols are no longer allowed to be played or sung at many public schools. Hearing Christmas Carols reminds me of the need for love and generosity.  They light up and reflect the generous spirit present in people.  Think about it, the greater the good cheer the brighter the memories made.  On the other hand, as we are seeing in much of today’s news, the more greed, self-centeredness and hostilities the less cheer and the bigger the attack on Christmas.  This observation is pointed out so well in Charles Dickens story, A Christmas Carol, by the story’s main character Scrooge.  Why does it seem we have so many Scrooges in the world today?  Maybe it’s because we have lost our focus on what really matters.  Maybe, it’s because we have stopped singing the songs that promote good cheer, peace on earth and good will to all men.  It’s time to start singing once again.  It’s time to celebrate birthdays once again and it’s time to show good will to your fellow man once again.  Whether you believe in Christmas or not it is time to start spreading good cheer and good will to all on earth.

If you have stopped singing, take a few moments to reflect on why you stopped.  When asked what Christmas means, many respond with “it’s a time for giving, sharing and Santa Claus.”  Others will respond with “Christmas is a holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.”  Regardless of what you believe Christmas means, wouldn’t our world be a different place if we celebrated Christmas all year long.