Bok Tower and Gardens

Unique PlacesOver the past several months, my wife and I have been visiting unique places around our home state of Florida.  This past weekend we visited Bok Tower and Gardens for an evening concert.  Bok Tower is one of those special places in Florida.  Since 1929 there has been 23 million visitors to the gardens. […]

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Sprinter Van and Prime Design Ladder

Sprinter Van Ladder on the Blue Line VagabondI installed a ladder on my 2009 Sprinter van. It is a Prime Design Sprinter High Roof Rear Door Access Ladder. So far this is proving to be an excellent addition to the Blue Line Vagabond. Using it, I can periodically check the solar panels that are on […]

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Stop Doubting: Win The Day

Life’s ConversationAs I write this, it’s early morning and I am sitting in a small coffee shop in Frisco, Texas called Summer Moon.  They sell coffee made from wood fired coffee beans.  The café is full with customers and even on this overcast chilly morning all the seats outside are also taken.  Many conversations are […]

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Outside The Comfort Zone

Your Comfort ZoneTake a moment to think about the safe place you go to feel emotionally secure about your work; the place where all your decisions are always right; and where life is always the same.  That place where everything is okay, where work is predictable day in and day out with a steady paycheck, […]

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Why Do People Think Differently?

Have you ever wondered why your spouse, partner, family members or friends think differently about the same things you think about?  The fact is, we all think differently about things.  As human beings, we are built the same with the same types of organs, the same types of cells and the ability to reason.  Yet, […]

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Embracing Hardship, Changes the Outcome

Why would anyone in their right mind be willing to embrace hardship?  Recent studies show, we experience more positive things in our lives than negative ones.  Yet, we tend to fall into the trap of petty concerns and annoyances in our lives.  We tend to play the victim card.  As a result, our stress levels […]

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How You Fit into The World

Have you given much thought as to how you fit into the world? Probably, not.  Like most people, they have settled for what life has dealt them.  They accept their fate without a second thought.  When you think differently about things you realize it’s okay to opt out of the busy lifestyle that our culture […]

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