Peacemaker or Troublemaker?

The Big GunWhen you think of peacemaker who or what do you think of? What first comes to mind? For me, I thought of the belt-fed machine gun capable of firing more than 500 rounds per minute; used by United States troops in World War II and the Korean War. It was called the peacemaker […]

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Trust Is Not A Given

Thinking TrustRecently, I finished reading Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Teal Book of Trust. The book attempts to outline the many aspects of trust: earning it, losing it, how to keep it, and why it’s important. It got me thinking. Who do I trust and why? Who trusts me and why? Seemingly, simple questions to answer but […]

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Preparing for the Game

Watching the Sugar Bowl reminded me of what happens in business. One team came ready to win while the other team came over confident destined to lose. Many times I have pitched an idea, product or service only to find my competitor winning out in the end. Over the years I have spent much time […]

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Persistence, Patience and Focus

Since the age of twelve I have had a job. Over the years I have started many businesses and have worked for many companies; some of which were successful and some complete failures. As I sat last night contemplating what I wanted to accomplish I reminisced about the years passed. I thought about my successes […]

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What Attracts You?

As humans we are attracted to many things – people, places, and things. When I consider the word attraction what comes to mind is science class many years ago learning about how atoms and molecules attract and repel each other. Reflecting on this notion there’s not much difference in the way humans attract and repel […]

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Choices That Define Us

I have learned that life has a lot to do with making choices. Throughout life we make good choices and bad choices. Each choice we make have consequences we must live with. Recently, on the front page of a New York newspaper there was a photograph of a person who had fallen to the subway […]

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