Welcome to the Travelin’ Heisers

Welcome to the "Great Adventure" of the Travelin' Heisers.  I haven't posted a blog or podcast in a very long time. Over the next few months, I plan to share with you much of what has happened over the past several years.  One of the big changes you can see is in the image above.  Yes, the van has been replaced with a Class A motor home.  I'll be adding a lot more to this post over the next several days so keep checking back.  Also, both my wife and I will be adding posts as quick as we can to catch you up on all the places we have been over the last few years. 
  • Lynda Sanchez says:

    I’ll definitely enjoy looking at all your travel adventures.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Donna Dwyer says:

    Can’t wait….miss you both!

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