What Attracts You?

As humans we are attracted to many things – people, places, and things. When I consider the word attraction what comes to mind is science class many years ago learning about how atoms and molecules attract and repel each other. Reflecting on this notion there’s not much difference in the way humans attract and repel each other. Characteristics such as similarity, physical traits, attitudes, personality, interests, cultural background, social skills and many other characteristic traits play a role in our ability to attract people or turn people off.


Considering what I am attracted to, I find not much has changed over time. I am attracted to all types of people. Certainly, there are characteristics that have never been attractive to me. A few years back I went to a high school class reunion. The same things that attracted me to the people I hung out with in high school were still the same characteristics that attracted me to those same people so many years later.

Considering places and things that attract me, again pretty much the same has held true over time. I have always had a love affair, with great music, fast cars and traveling. I know this sounds silly – how can you be attracted to objects such as cars? It’s easy, many cars are built to attract. The color, styling, shape, and attitude it projects are all similar characteristic traits to those used to attract or be attractive.

Today, I believe I am more attractive - not necessarily in looks. Follow me – today I meet and talk with people from all over the world. In fact, when traveling I find myself having conversations with anyone willing to converse. Most people are receptive to casual conversation however in years gone by; it was not necessarily the case. In years passed, starting up a conversation rarely got passed hello however today it seems everyone talks to me. My wife enlightened me. She explained that I am less threatening which makes me more attractive. I asked how so? In years passed, I was a talker not a listener. Today, I am older, more mature and I listen more to what people have to say. Think about it like this – you already know everything about yourself there is no reason to repeat it over and over. By listening you learn enough to be attracted to find out more or turned off enough to move on. You can be attracted to a very beautiful person but have absolutely no common ground to even start a conversation – your attraction quickly becomes short lived or very self serving.

Theories and opinions abound with ideas of what characteristic traits play a role in attraction to individuals, places and things. Regardless, of whether its destiny, theory or predisposition the bottom line is they are, for the most part, just theoretical speculation and not an individual’s personal reality. So the next time you pass someone on the sidewalk or meet in passing in the grocery store aisle take a moment to say hello – you never know what you may find out, who you may meet or who you may help by just taking the time to say hello.