Why is Batman Important?

"Happy is he who still loves something he loved in the nursery; he has not been broken in two by time; he is not two men, but one, and he has saved not only his soul but his life." - G.K. Chesterton

A Child's Wish Comes True

This past week on the news there was a story about a young leukemia patient who had his wish granted to become Batman. San Franciscotransformed part of itself into Gotham City all the way down to the criminals that only Batman could catch. It seemed like the entire city participated to make this young boy's wish come true or came out to watch the young Batman save the city. There were two black Lamborghinis decked out with Batman decals to make them look like the Bat Mobile, there was the Riddler, the Penguin and even a damsel in distress. The young boy became the superhero Batkid.


It Will Make You Smile

As I watched the news report unfold I noticed how much fun everyone was having and wondered was granting this wish for the young Batkid or more for those granting the wish. Then it hit me, it was for both. When you do things for others it makes you feel good inside. It was obvious by the smiles of the participants they were having fun. Then I thought if they can do this in order to grant the wish of a young boy why can't we do this other times rather than resorting to constant bickering and divide that seems to have our country in a strangle hold? I think we can but the problem seems to be that many of us are afraid to be childlike and would rather be childish. I see the difference as being childlike reflects your honest willingness to let your emotions show bad or good where as being childish reflects selfish inconsiderate behavior.

The organizers and participants were able to grant this wish because they allowed themselves to become childlike enabling them to recapture a part of their childhood. Their willingness to be childlike once again allowed them to pretend and bring to life a superhero. Everyone needs a superhero. This granted wish was as much about those who enabled it to happen as it was about the young boy becoming Batkid.

Why is Batkid Important?

The story confirms that:

  • We feel good when we act childlike; role playing and pretending in superheroes.
  • It feels good when we do things for others expecting nothing in return.
  • When we release ourselves from our hang ups we have fun, we enjoy life and achieve big things.

Taking this a step further – what if we didn't take ourselves so serious in business. How could being more childlike in business help?

  • It will help you commit to learning new things, trying new things, talking to strangers, question everything, take more risk and do things that make you feel uncomfortable.
  • It will encourage your curiosity which might be all it takes for a big break through.
  • It will help you laugh more and to take yourself less seriously.
  • It will help you make new friends. You should be friends with your customers and clients.
  • Most importantly, being childlike allows you to have fun. Many of us spend most of our lives at the grind of a job forgetting to have fun or what fun is even all about.

When I was a youngster I loved riding my bike anywhere and everywhere with no destination in mind. Today I’m going to fire up my Road King and head down the road with no destination in mind. I might even find a curvy road along the beach to ride. What’s keeping you from being more childlike?

  • Sista says:

    I saw the batkid on T.V. I was amazed at how many people came out to support him.From the ones on the sidelines to the ones who played the characters involved. I guess they were releasing their childish inhibitions also.

  • Anonymous says:

    Enjoyed your blog. So true.
    Kudos to you, Jeff

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